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Are you looking to compare Florida Individual Health Insurance? According to a recent survey by the Kaiser Family Foundation, only about 41 percent of Floridians are covered by group health insurance. The rest may be eligible for public health insurance, or they may need to purchase Florida individual health insurance policies on the Florida health insurance exchange. Florida Blue health insurance covers more individuals and families than any other company in the state, and it is also part of the national Blue Cross and Blue Shield network that comes from the oldest provider of health plans in the country.

We are Secure Health Options, a leading resource for information about Florida individual health insurance plans. You are free to use our online health insurance quotes at any time to compare different Florida Blue policy options, plans, and prices. You can also contact us to have your questions answered or get help enrolling in a plan for yourself and your family. We can provide the right solution for a single person, whole family, or even a business.

Who Needs Florida Individual Health Insurance Plans?

The following groups of Floridians might need to purchase their private insurance policies:Florida Individual Health Insurance

  • Self-employed people who own their businesses, freelance, or do contract work typically need to buy private coverage for themselves and their families.
  • Employees of small companies that do not offer group health insurance need to purchase their policies. Additionally, some companies do not provide coverage to part-time employees.
  • Early retirees may have lost their group health benefits, but they might not be old enough for Medicare.
  • Parents might need to purchase Florida individual health insurance for college students who go to school outside of the parent’s plan network or coverage area.
  • Parents can also purchase Florida Blue child only health insurance for kids who might not be covered under a parent’s plan or for kids who live out of a parent’s coverage area.

The good news is that the Affordable Care Act, or ACA, has made private health insurance more accessible to many groups of people who need to buy their coverage. All of these individual health insurance plans have to offer essential benefits, and qualified plans cannot decline people with pre-existing health conditions. Rates can only be based upon age, location, and tobacco use.

Find Affordable Florida Individual Health Insurance Plans

When you need to decide between Florida health plans, you need to balance the benefits provided by each health insurance plan against your monthly budget to pay premiums. Some different Florida Blue individual health insurance policies help consumers tailor their benefits and premiums.

These are some options that you might consider:

  • Low deductible or all copay plans:  Monthly premiums might be higher for individual health insurance plans that help you avoid out-of-pocket costs.  But, they also can help you avoid unexpected medical bills in the future.
  • High deductible plans:  Premiums might be much lower. However, you can expect to pay minor medical bills out of your pocket.

Additionally, some people might qualify for subsidies.  They help pay the premiums for policies purchased on the Florida individual health insurance exchange. The ACA offers these to many people with incomes between 100 and 400 percent of the poverty level.  This includes much of the middle-class Americans who do not have access to group or public coverage. That could mean that the listed prices you find when you compare different plans could be higher than the amount you will have to pay.

Best Florida Individual Health Insurance Plans for You and Your Family?

If you or a family member already has a chronic health condition or is planning a pregnancy, you might be better off by choosing a low deductible individual health insurance plan that will help you control medical expenses. This may also be true if you plan to buy a child only health insurance. Florida children tend to need to visit the doctor a few times a year for checkups and shots. Also, minors are usually reasonably cheap to cover anyway.

Is everyone in your family reasonably healthy? You can protect them in case of an unexpected accident or injury. Or, you can save money and purchase a high deductible individual health insurance. These Florida Blue plans won’t cover the first dollar of every possible medical bill. However, they can still protect you from severe financial problems and provide excellent access to top medical providers.

A single person or part-time employee might appreciate lower premiums. They do not typically need a lot of medical services. Self-employed people might decide that they have savings to cover some unexpected medical bills. However, they want a policy to protect their pocketbooks against catastrophic expenses.

Compare Florida Individual Health Insurance Rates and Plans

Our free online health insurance quotes can help you compare a variety of Florida Blue health policies online. Our experienced Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida agents are also happy to answer your health insurance questions.  We can help you enroll in coverage as well. You are not obligated to purchase a policy from us. Ask for information or use our price comparisons. However, we hope to help you find the best possible Individual health insurance plan at a price you can afford.