Florida Blue Medicare Advantage Plans

Why consider Florida Blue Medicare Advantage plans? The first thing to consider is that this Florida health insurance company evolved from the oldest health insurer in the entire country. As such, the company has had time to establish very good provider networks in this state and for some plans, it works with large networks all over the United States. For a large selection of options, compare Florida Blue Medicare Advantage plans.  You can also compare Florida Blue Medicare Supplement plans if that is more of a fit for your needs and budget.Medicare Advantage Plans in Florida

At Secure Health Options, we are a leading resource for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida Medicare options. As such, we hope to provide useful resources for all Floridians. We can certainly help you find the right Florida Blue coverage to enhance your own Medicare benefits.

Types of Florida Blue Medicare Advantage Plans

Just about one in three people choose a Medicare Advantage plan as their Medicare coverage option. This company offers PPOs. A PPO Medicare Part C plan allows members to access the best benefits with plan service providers. However, it will also cover other providers at a lower rate. This gives members good cost control within the network, but it also gives them the choice to find a doctor, specialist, or hospital outside of the network if they accept a higher out-of-pocket bill.

The main choices for Florida Blue Medicare Advantage plans include the following:

  • BlueMedicare Choice RPPO
    Florida Blue Medicare Advantage Regional PPO: These plans have a network that allows members to get in-network coverage outside of their own limited local area. In some cases, they may even work with other Blue Cross insurers in other states to provide national coverage.
  • Florida Blue Medicare Advantage Local PPO
    These usually limit most in-network coverage to a tighter area, but they still will provide urgent or emergency coverage in other places.

Besides the popular PPO options, there are also HMOs. These are more restrictive because they almost always require members to seek services with a plan health provider. On the other hand, these Medicare Advantage plans usually offer cheaper premiums and lower out-of-pocket costs. In some cases, they may not charge any additional premium and reduce out-of-pocket costs to very small amounts. These are some examples of HMO Medicare Advantage plans to consider:

Blue Medicare Advantage Plans in Florida

  • BlueMedicare Classic HMO
  • BlueMedicare Premier HMO
  • Blue Medicare Classic Plus HMO
  • BlueMedicare Preferred HMO
  • BlueMedicare Complete D-SNP
  • Blue Medicare Preferred HMO C-SNP

Florida Blue Medicare Supplement Plans

You can also find Florida Blue Medicare Supplement plans for people who would prefer to supplement their Original Medicare Part A and B instead of replacing.  Also, many just want to compare Florida Medicare Advantage plans with Medigap plans. Supplements are different than Medicare Advantage plans because they fill in the gaps for things that Original Medicare Part A and B don’t cover. Medigap premiums will depend upon the insurer, the local area, and in some cases, age and health.

This is a quick overview of the most commonly offered Medicare Supplement plans from this company:

  • Medicare Plan G, C and D: These are very similar and considered very robust levels of coverage. Plan C is usually one of the more expensive options, but it is also one of the most common choices for people who buy Medigap.
  • Plan F is considered the most robust plan, usually the most expensive, and also has a cheaper high-deductible version.
  • Medigap Plan L, M, and N: These are cost-sharing choices that can help plan members save some money on premiums.

Florida Blue Medicare Advantage Plans and Medications

If you buy a Medicare Supplement plan, you will also need a Part D drug plan. In most cases, Medicare Advantage plans come with drug coverage bundled in. You are also free to consider a selection of Blue Medicare prescription drug plans that can be purchased by themselves.

Compare Florida Blue Medicare Advantage Plan Choices

Florida Blue Medicare Advantage PlansThe best Medicare Advantage plan really hinges upon your own unique situation. If you work with us, we will help you consider your budget, medical needs, location, and preferences. In some cases, it’s better to just consider premiums. In other cases, it makes sense to pay more for premiums in order to get better coverage.

At Secure Health Options, we focus on providing Florida Medicare recipients with the right coverage at the right price. Let us help you by requesting Florida Blue Medicare Advantage plan quotes right away.