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Florida Blue Child Only Health InsuranceFamilies purchase Florida Blue Child Only Health Insurance because many only need to buy a policy to cover their children. This could be because group health insurance at work charges a lot to add dependents, parents are divorced with a court order to purchase health insurance for the children, a parent lives out of state, or parents just want to make certain that their kids have adequate coverage for school or after-school activities. Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, parents can purchase Florida Blue Child Only Health Insurance without having to worry about them getting turned down for pre-existing medical conditions.

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Florida Blue Child Only Health Insurance: Infant and Newborn

Typically, infants will be covered by their mother’s health insurance policy if she is covered. Insurers usually give their customers 30 days to notify them of the newborn’s birth. Since Florida Blue health plans on the health insurance marketplace cannot deny people for pre-existing health conditions, pregnant women could consider purchasing insurance to make certain that they have infant health insurance and coverage for their own maternity.

However, you can purchase child only health insurance for newborn babies as a stand-alone policy. If your baby has siblings, you can also buy Florida Blue Child Only Health Insurance cover all your children. Typically, health insurance for babies and young kids is fairly affordable. Even very healthy infants and children tend to need to visit the doctor often for minor ailments, accidents, vaccines, and regular checkups. If your child ever suffers from a more serious ailment or injury, good health insurance can assure good access to doctors, hospitals, and prescriptions.

Best Florida Blue Child Only Health Insurance

Child Only Health Insurance in FloridaDeductibles are the amount of money that members have to pay before insurance starts covering medical bills. Also, many child only health insurance plans offer some services with a copay instead of a deductible. Florida Blue offers both high deductible and low deductible health plans.

  • Low deductible child health plans may cost more, but they will reduce your out-of-pocket expenses if you do have medical needs.
  • High deductible health plans for kids could be cheaper, but you may have to pay more out of your own pocket in order to access medical services.

It is difficult to anticipate your family’s medical needs for the next year or even the next week. Besides the best efforts of caring parents, kids get into scrapes or catch viruses that get transmitted around at school. Kids with chronic conditions, like ADD or allergies, might run up higher medical bills. It is important to balance the monthly premium against the benefits that a policy provides when you compare plans to select the right health insurance for kids in your family.

The company also offers different types of child only health insurance plans, and these include:

  • PPO:
    These plans use a network of medical providers to help save money and make access to providers simple, but they give their customers the freedom to leave the network if they accept higher costs.
  • HMO: Members of these plans almost always have to use the medical network of doctors, hospitals, and other providers in order for services to get covered. They generally make exceptions for emergencies.
  • ALL plans must cover 100% of all well-baby visits and immunizations according to the Affordable Care guidelines.

Before deciding between different types of child only health insurance, you might find out more about each plan’s network in your local area. Some Florida Blue child only health insurance plans are statewide, but some are only really active in select parts of the state. You are likely to get more value for your money if you pick an HMO and live where network coverage is good, but you will enjoy more freedom and flexibility with a PPO.

Florida Blue Child Only Health Insurance

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