Florida Blue Health Plans

Florida Blue Health Insurance PlansAccording to the Kaiser Family Foundation, only 41 percent of Floridians get Florida health insurance from their employer, and many others must purchase their own coverage from a private company. Florida Blue Individual plans provide affordable health coverage for a large number of these people. As you may know, Florida Blue used to be Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida, and this evolved from the oldest medical insurance company in the United States.

At Secure Health Options, right here in Florida, we offer fast online quotes for a variety of Florida Blue options, so you are likely to find the perfect policies for yourself, your children, or your entire family. Just enter your ZIP code to get started or call for help from a live agent.

Why Consider Florida Blue Individual Plans?

There are many reasons that individuals need to buy their own Florida individual health plans, and Florida Blue family plans can satisfy them:

  • Florida Blue Maternity Insurance: Mothers with maternity insurance can take care of themselves during pregnancy and also be sure that they can get their babies covered right away.
  • Florida Blue child only insurance: Kids that live out of the parent’s insurance service area and employers with expensive family plans are some reasons to explore child only insurance.
  • Florida Blue Student Health: If college students leave the parent’s insurance service area, they may need their own plan.
  • Different health needs: Some family members may require more robust insurance than others.
  • Working or living outside of a service area: If you need to spend time away from your PPO or HMO network because of work or travel, you may not have adequate insurance in the new city.

Florida Blue Family Plans and Health Care Reform

Many Floridians qualify for tax credits on the health reform marketplace at HealthCare.gov. These are grouped into the “metal” levels, from lowest to highest, as follows:Florida Blue Health Insurance Metal Levels

  • Bronze plans
  • Silver plans
  • Gold plans
  • Platinum plans

Typically, families who qualify for subsidies make between 100 and 400 percent of the established poverty levels and don’t have access to other affordable Florida health insurance. This includes lots of middle-class families in Florida.

Even families who do not qualify for subsidies may choose to buy marketplace health insurance because nobody can get turned down for preexisting health conditions and each plan has to provide mandated minimum coverage. We can help you with a marketplace and non-marketplace insurance.

Kinds of Florida Blue Individual Health Plans

These are popular choices for individuals and families:

  • Blue Options: Chose this PPO for maximum flexibility.
  • Blue Care: Chose this HMO for lower rates and quality providers.
  • Blue Select: Chose this regional provider network for good choices and reasonable rates.

Florida Blue also offers HSA plans in the state. These work with a high deductible major medical policy and a health savings account. Typically, HSA plans are good for people who like to control their medical expenses and are good about saving. Contributions to the saving account are also tax deductible within IRS limits, so they help people who could use an extra deduction.

Florida Blue Health Plans: Low Deductibles vs. High Deductibles

Low deductible options may be better for people with chronic health conditions or those who just like to keep their health insurance simple. It won’t help to have lower premiums if medical costs end up being high because there are lots of deductibles and copays associated with the plan.

Other ways to save money may be by choosing the H.M.O. option or only getting the most robust plan for specific family members who are likely to need a lot of health services. Because Florida Blue offers lots of options, it is possible to customize the perfect major medical insurance for you and your entire family.

Compare Florida Blue Health Policies Online

We can help you compare plans and quotes in order to make the best use of your insurance dollars. You are free to use our fast Internet quote forms or contact a live agent for personal assistance. We want to help all Florida families find the best medical plan at a price they can afford.