Get Value with Florida Blue Care Plans

Florida Blue Care plans come from the company that used to be called Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida. This insurer covers more individuals in the state than any other, and over half of Floridians who need individual and family plans sign up with this company. The Blue Cross and Blue Shield network also derives from the oldest health insurer in the United States, and this company’s customers enjoy the benefits and value of belonging to a company with great name recognition everywhere.

Why Choose Florida Blue Care Plans?

No two families are exactly alike. Your health needs, the number of children in your family, the way you like to get medical care, and your budget might all affect your choice of insurer and health plan. Florida Blue Care plans are offered on the health insurance marketplace for individuals and families:

  • Florida Blue Care PPO Plans: N/A
  • Blue Care HMO HSA Plans: High deductible health insurance comes with a health savings account.
  • Florida Blue Care HMO Plans: A good network of medical providers helps you control costs and simplifies access to providers.

Florida Blue Care HMO plans are very popular because they are generally simple to use, help people save money because of the large network of participating providers, and they also allow customers to seek services outside of the network for emergencies. Florida Blue Care HSA plans are popular with people who can take advantage of tax deductions, like to control the way they spend money on medical bills, and are discipline savers. However, you might find that HMO plans provide you with the best value for your money.

Understanding Florida Blue Care Plans: HMO vs PPO Plans

If you have used a PPO, you know that you save money when you use network medical providers. PPO plan members are free to leave the network, but services will not be covered as well. With an HMO, you must almost always visit a network provider in order for your medical services to be covered. Typically, HMO plans will make an exception in case of an emergency or for urgent health care needs outside of your coverage area. This does mean that HMO health insurance plans are more restrictive than PPO plans.

However, you may find that you get a lot more value for your money when you choose an HMO. You need to compare plans for yourself, but you may find that an HMO plan can give you cheaper co-payments, more affordable premiums, and a low deductible.

These are some features of the Florida Blue Care Select HMO plan:

  • You cannot be denied because of pre-existing conditions, and the plan provides mandated essential health benefits. These include preventative and chronic condition care, maternity coverage, pediatrics, and more.
  • Florida Blue Care HMO’s are available in all of the metal levels, and this includes Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Platinum.
  • Nationwide emergency care comes with each plan.
  • Deductible choices range from $0 to $6,250, so you can choose a high deductible or low deductible major medical plan.

Find High-Qualify and Affordable Florida Blue Care Plans Online

There is not one best major medical plan for every Florida family. People with growing kids may have different needs than people who have to manage chronic health conditions. At Secure Health Options, our mission is to help each of our clients find the best Florida Blue Care health insurance plans to manage their health at the cheapest possible price.

Of course, you are also free to contact us at any time for advice. We can discuss your situation by phone or online by email. Make sure that you and your kids have the best possible health care by taking advantage of our free health insurance quotes and professional advice as soon as possible.  Let us help you get started comparing Florida Blue Care Plans today.