Florida Blue Student Health Insurance

If your son or daughter is heading off to college, you might purchase a student health insurance policy. Of course, you might be a financially independent college student who needs to purchase your own coverage for the first time. Either way, Florida Blue student health insurance can provide most college students with great coverage at a reasonable price.

We are Secure Health Options, a leading resource for Florida Blue insurance. This company used to be called Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida, and it covers more individuals and families in the state than any other insurer. You can take advantage of our free online health insurance quotes at any time. You only need to enter a ZIP code to compare prices and options. You should also feel free to contact us with all of your student health insurance questions. Florida Blue Student Health Insurance Plans

Who Needs Florida Blue Student Health Insurance?

New health care reforms allow young people to stay on their parents policies until they turn 27, but there are still some good reasons to purchase a stand-alone policy for a college student.

These are some reasons to consider student health insurance:

  • Parents might not have health insurance, and the student needs it to enroll in school and participate in different activities.
  • A student might need a different level of coverage than his parents need, and it is cheaper and simpler to purchase him his own policy.
  • Some employers charge a lot to add dependents to group coverage, so it could be less expensive to simply buy a student health insurance policy.
  • Some students work and pay their own bills, and they can simply pay the premiums for their coverage.
  • Parents may live in another state, but the student has chosen to enroll in a Florida university. The student needs a local insurer to ensure he has proper coverage while at school.

Why Consider Florida Blue Student Health Insurance?

This Florida health insurance company has the resources to offer a lot of different coverage options. Most individuals and families can find the best coverage option at an affordable price. Since you can choose from high deductible and low deductible options, you have some control over the price of the monthly premiums and out-of-pocket costs that your student might need to pay. Of course, the type of Florida Blue student health insurance that you select will also affect your out-of-pocket costs and monthly premiums.

These are typical types of coverage you might select:

  • PPO: Blue Options and Blue Select are both PPO policies that use a plan network to save money and make access to doctors, hospitals, and pharmacies simple. Plan members are still free to seek services outside of the network, but it will cost more.
  • HMO: Blue Care HMO plans are available in some areas of the state, and they can provide good coverage at a cheaper price. However, plan members almost always have to use a network provider in order to get their medical services covered. Exceptions are made for emergencies.

Which Type of Florida Blue Student Health Insurance is Best?

Selecting the best student health insurance plan type your needs will effect your overall satisfaction in the future. When selecting the right coverage, it is important to balance the cost of the premiums against the benefits that the plan provides. A high deductible, low deductible, or a different plan selection can all affect your premiums and your access to doctors, hospitals, pharmacies, specialists, and other medical service providers.

The Florida Blue Options plan has a statewide network, and it also works with the national network of Blue Cross and Blue Shield affiliates. This might be a good choice if your student travels around the country, visits family members in other states, or goes to school where the other plans do not have strong network coverage.

The Florida Blue Select plan can be a good choice if your student mostly needs coverage at school, and his university is located in an area with good coverage from the somewhat smaller network. The Blue Care option can provide a lot of value for the money, and it might be the right choice if your student lives in an area with a good coverage network and does not mind being restricted to network doctors. In any case, all student health insurance plans cover domestic emergency services outside of the network.

Compare Affordable Florida Blue Student Health Insurance Online

You can use our free online health insurance quotes at any time to compare a variety of different plans, options, and prices. Feel free to call our experienced local agents with your Florida health insurance questions too. We hope to help you find the right Florida Blue student health insurance policy at a price that keeps your budget healthy too.